Air Conditioning

Experts in Air Conditioning Systems

The capacity and efficiency of your air conditioner impact the airflow inside your building. To maintain great indoor air quality and temperature, make sure that your unit is working properly with the help of StevenSons Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Our skilled team is equipped to service and repair air conditioning systems. Should you need a replacement, we also offer installation services.

How Air Conditioners Work

During the warm seasons, our air conditioning units save us from uncomfortable heat. Air conditioners cool the air by pumping Freon from the outside unit (condensing unit) to the indoor “cooling” coil (evaporator coil). Heat is drawn from the air circulating through the building by the blower. The Freon then travels back outside to expel the heat, and the process starts over again. The outdoor condensing unit, indoor evaporator coil, and blower are equally important in the cooling process. All three components should be clean and free of debris to keep your air conditioning system working at peak efficiency.

Helpful Hint: Turning the system off when you leave and kicking it on when you get back is actually less efficient